Frequently Asked Questions

If your vehicle was towed by our department, it can be located at Ayers Towing, 310 S. Mountain Blvd., Mountaintop PA 18707 - Phone Number: 570-474-6030.

Citations can be responded to by contacting District Court 11-2-03, Magistrate Joseph Halesey, located at R1460 Sans Souci Parkway, Hanover Twp., PA 18706 - Phone Number 570-825-8890.

District Magistrate Joseph Halesey - District Court 11-2-03

R1460 Sans Souci Parkway, Hanover Twp. PA 18706 - Phone Number: 570-825-8890

1267 Sans Souci Parkway, Hanover Township PA 18706 - Non Emergency Phone Number: 570-825-1254