Crash Reports

If you are involved in a Reportable Crash and wish to obtain a copy of the crash report, you can obtain the report via the internet at

There is a fee for the crash report and we recommend that people involved in the crash have their insurance company obtain the report.

A reportable crash is defined as a crash where the damage to at least one of the involved vehicles was to the extent that the vehicle required towing because it was not drivable under its own power, or occupant(s) of any involved vehicles in the crash was injured, or both.  A flat tire, or a fender pushed in to the tire does not automatically make the crash reportable.  If the tire could be replaced with a spare and/or if the fender could be pulled away from the tire and by doing either or both, the car becomes operable, the crash is not by definition a reportable crash.

Also, if the vehicle is operable and there is not report of any injuries, the crash is considered non-reportable, however an injury could be a simple complaint of pain.  there is no requirement that a person gets transported to a hospital in order for the crash to become considered a reportable crash.