Stolen Trailer Investigation

The Forty Fort Police Department is investigating the theft of a trailer from the area of the recreation fields located off of Camryn Way in Forty Fort.  The theft occurred on Saturday, November 28, 2020.  These vehicles were observed by the trailer:
Suspect vehicle# 1: a gray-colored possible Chevy Suburban was observed by the trailer between 1:39 pm and 1:43 pm.
Suspect vehicle# 2: a silver-colored possible Dodge Dakota quad cab was observed by the trailer between 2:14 pm to 2:17 pm
Suspect vehicle# 2 came back at 4:08 pm to 4:11 pm and stole the trailer.
A vehicle can also be seen parked in the grassy area on the other side of the stolen trailer.  We believe that the driver was possibly walking his dog, and we do not believe this vehicle or driver was involved in the theft, however, the driver was in the immediate area when the trailer was stolen and police are requesting that this person come forward if they can help with this investigation.
Contact the Assistant Chief William Stone at or by calling 570-287-8586 ext. 3.